Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Arrowhead Behavioral Health. We commend you for making the choice to seek treatment at our mental health facility. While every person seeking treatment is in a different stage of motivation for change we want to assure you that we are here to support you in your recovery. Below are some frequently asked questions about our program and the services we provide:

Treatment is individualized and based on several factors. While there is no set length of stay, our behavioral health facility is an acute treatment center specializing in detoxification, rehabilitation and psychiatric care. The treatment team, which is comprised of the Nursing, Therapy and Activity Therapy staff and led by the admitting physician, makes the determination of your length of stay. A therapist will assist you in developing a discharge plan that includes follow-up treatment.
The physician will complete an initial evaluation within 24 hours of your admission. A physician rounds daily on all patients. The physician is responsible for the medication management on all non-medical issues and consulting with the treatment team regarding your care. Like most hospitals, the times that the doctors round vary. The social worker will meet with you within the first few days of your admission to complete your treatment plan and initiate the discharge process. Prior to being discharged from our facility, the therapist will meet with you again to develop a complete discharge plan and review your crisis safety plan.
Due to the nature of our behavioral health facility and the populations we serve there are certain restrictions that are in place to promote safety for all persons served at our facility. Many items are permitted in your room but certain items that have been deemed a possible safety risk or a distraction to therapy have been restricted or not permitted. Please reference the Permitted Items sheet found in your folder.
Treatment is individualized, but group attendance is expected of all patients at our facility. We offer a variety of therapy groups by different disciplines with topics that have been designed to provide education relevant to recovery. A copy of the group schedule is posted on the unit and is provided in your folder. A nurse will meet with you to complete an initial medical assessment and a medical doctor will meet with you within the first 24 hours of your stay. You will also be meeting with your psychiatrist within 24 hours of your admission. A staff from the Recreational Therapy department will meet with you to conduct an assessment relating to stress, coping and leisure. A social worker/therapist will meet with you within 48 hours to initiate your treatment plan and discuss your needs throughout treatment.
A facility phone is provided for you to contact your family and/or support. We do not allow phone calls to be made during group times. We ask that you be mindful of your peers and limit your phone calls to ten minutes. Due to confidentiality, we generally do not take phone messages for our patients. We do have visitation at our facility seven days a week. We ask that no more than three visitors visit at one time. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted into visitation as a general precaution. Restrictions may apply for visitors due to special precautions.
We have shower times throughout the day. A schedule will be provided in your admission folder.

We offer free laundry facilities. Laundry can be done during non-group times beginning at 7:00 a.m. Laundry may not be done during groups and should be completed by 11:00 p.m.

We can provide you with fresh linens or towels upon request. You can place soiled towels and linens in the laundry room and staff will provide you with fresh linens. We have a variety of toiletries that we can provide you if you do not have certain items.
The staff has the ability to restrict certain items if necessary. Food items and canned soda are not allowed. While we appreciate the comforts of home, we do not permit pillows or blankets to be brought into our facility unless otherwise approved by the psychiatrist for medical reasons.

We have designated rooms for watching television. You may watch T.V. during non-group times starting from 7:00 a.m. and ending at 11:00 p.m. We do not permit the watching of television during group times.

Housekeeping does a general cleaning of the units, including the bedrooms daily. Housekeeping is not allowed to remove any items off the floors or pick up any personal items. We ask that you help maintain the cleanliness of your room by keeping all items off the floor and personal items in your bins so that housekeeping can easily clean the room.

We hope that you feel secure and comfortable at our facility. If you have any further questions regarding the facility or your treatment, please notify a staff member.

Let us help you begin your recovery journey!

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