Psychiatric & Substance Abuse Services in Maumee, OH

When you are suffering from an acute mental crisis, and need assistance right away, turn to Arrowhead Behavioral Health for the help you require. We provide a variety of psychiatric and drug & alcohol addiction services in Maumee, OH, to adults aged 18 and older.

Arrowhead Behavioral Treatment Programs

Our center offers a calm and private environment for our patients to recover from mental health issues and chemical dependency. This treatment is provided through both inpatient and outpatient programs.

By separating our care into various programs, we can ensure that you are receiving the right level of treatment to deal with your specific psychiatric disorder or addiction. To learn more about our programs or to begin treatment, don’t hesitate to call or contact us online.

Thorough Behavioral Assessment

Before you begin your treatment program, our team will give you a complete behavioral and mental health assessment. This assessment lets us determine the level of care your specific issues require, as well as to develop a psychiatric treatment plan that is custom-tailored to your needs.

Typically our treatments will begin with an inpatient placement to deal with acute issues and to stabilize your current condition. After you complete the inpatient program, our behavioral therapists will transition you into outpatient care to continue your treatment and prevent relapse. Additionally, our team also assists with medication management and will help ensure you are receiving the correct dosages to treat your issues.

What We Offer

Inpatient Programs

Inpatient mental health services and substance abuse treatment from Arrowhead Behavioral Health include an inpatient mental health program, inpatient chemical dependency treatment and inpatient dual diagnosis treatment.

Inpatient Psychiatric Program

Our inpatient mental health treatment program at Arrowhead Behavioral Health is intended for adults who require acute mental health stabilization.

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Inpatient Chemical Dependency Program

Our inpatient addiction treatment program is a treatment option for those struggling with substance use disorders (SUD) who could benefit from highly-structured, evidence-based treatment.

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Inpatient Dual Diagnosis Program

Arrowhead Behavioral Health offers a specialized type of treatment for adults who suffer from co-occurring psychiatric and chemical dependency disorders. For example, you could receive inpatient alcohol rehab in addition to inpatient psychiatric care as a way to address both issues simultaneously.

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Outpatient Programs

Outpatient mental health treatment and drug and alcohol treatment from Arrowhead Behavioral Health includes outpatient PHP for mental illness and outpatient substance abuse treatment options.

Outpatient Psychiatric PHP

Our outpatient psychiatric treatment consists of a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) that is a full-time day program to address mental health issues. The psychiatric PHP takes place Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with lunch provided.

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Outpatient Chemical Dependency PHP

Less intensive than inpatient, this full-time day program is designed to be a great step-down or first-step into a rehab center for substance abuse treatment. Our outpatient drug rehab even includes Suboxone® treatment program, or medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with Suboxone® maintenance. The chemical dependency PHP is held Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. with lunch provided. Lodging is available.

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Outpatient Chemical Dependency IOP

Whether you are struggling with illegal drugs, alcohol or opioid addiction, our outpatient chemical dependency intensive outpatient program (IOP) can help. IOP groups meet three days a week for three hours a day. Day and evening program times are available.

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Always Here to Help

Arrowhead Behavioral Health is licensed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services to provide treatment to adults age 18 and older.

If you have questions about our programs or would like to schedule a confidential, no-cost assessment, please call 419-891-9333 or 800-547-5695 (toll-free) or use our online form. We are available 24/7.

In case of emergency, dial 911 or seek the nearest emergency room right away.

Let us help you begin your recovery journey!

Do not wait, get help today because… life is waiting.